Not Just Curry

February 13, 2015

Prashant Sachdeva

A friend during my first trip to Canada told me that he “loved Indian food ... curry is so delicious.” That was the first time I heard the word “curry”. I didn’t know that “curry powder” was a thing or that my kitchen “smells of curry”. And the only dish I knew close to that was kadhi, which has little to do with the stereotypical “curry”. Now that I know the limited stereotypes that represent Indian cuisine a little better, I would like to give a brief tour of what actually is Indian food, or shall I call it Punjabi-Rajasthani-Gujarati-Marathi-Konkani-Goan-South Indian-Hyderabadi-Oriya-Bengali cuisine.* * With a moderate bias towards the North and a heavy bias towards Vegetarian dishes