Neil's Roundup of the World's Scariest Robots

October 24, 2014

Neil Traft

Your Guide to the Most Post-Apocalyptic-Night-Terror-Inducing Death Machines Stephen Colbert might have already stolen my routine months ago, but he only scratched the surface. Google has continued to acquire robotics companies and the world's appetite for new and unique instruments of terror has continued apace. The U.S. Department of Defense is aggressively raising funds to fuel this furnace of fright. Japan is as equally obsessed with cuddly robot pets as they are with creepy life-sized dolls. Europe really needs to get on their game if they want to compete in the Circus of Horror. Come on down and get ready for Halloween with the kind of slow, crushing dread that only a person living under constant fear of drone strike can appreciate! (PG-13, Not Recommended for children under 13. Adult supervision required.)