Homemade Liqueur and Infusions: The Basics

March 1, 2013

Jessica Dawson

It’s not surprising that cocktails and aperitifs are seeing a resurgence in popular culture—who out there doesn”t appreciate that extra bit of class that you feel when you”re sipping on a fancy adult beverage? But the high cost of specialty spirits and liqueurs, and the sheer number of ingredients in most cocktail recipes can turn a lot of people off of enjoying them at home. So today I will be talking about the basics of homemade liqueurs and infusions—they’re easy to make, cheap(er), and a fun way to experiment with new flavours. They also make for great gifts. Whether you’re a budding mixologist, or you’re just tired of experiencing sticker shock at the liquor store, then this talk is for you! Editor's note: See also this great Portlandia sketch on Mixology: http://vimeo.com/36671329