Different Ways to Make Stuff

October 28, 2011

John Harris

Are you boggled by building? Do you get constantly confused when creating? Do you often find yourself mystified by the myriad of modern “making” materials? Have you ever had an idea for some great new thing but couldn’t prototype your way our of a wet paper bag? Then have I got some ideas for you! For tonight’s UDLS, we’ll be taking a high-level tour of some of the more useful prototyping tools and techniques I’ve encountered over the years: Want to make something quick? “Shapelock” that shizzle! Want to make something BIG? You’d be surprised how far some cardboard and insulation foam will take you! Want to get fancy? Strap on some goggles and let’s do some laser cutting! Making cool things is easier than you think and I’m here to show you how! 5:30 in the boardroom. All the cool kids will be there.