September 23, 2011

Murray Patterson

If you’ve heard about Rush, you probably know songs like “Limelight” and “Tom Sawyer”, and you might know that they are a classic-rock band that started in the 70’s with a very Zeppelin-esque sound. What you may not know is that they have one of the biggest cult followings next to Kiss (and, in fact, they toured with Kiss once). After the basics, and the obligatory first several paragraphs of Wikipedia’s account, we’re off to meet the band. Then I’ll take you through their extensive, more than 30-year discography which varied dramatically in style over this liftime: I break it into five phases (for example, the synthesizer phase of the 80’s), dropping in on all my favorites, many of them for the lyrical genius of Neil Peart, who is considered to be one of the top 5 drummers in the world. The sound system in the boardroom definitely applies here.