A Random Photographic Journey Through India

April 29, 2011

Mohan Rajamanickam

This will an attempt towards contrasting the experiences - so those that yield the highest mileage will be selected. This will not be an eulogy on the glory of the great Indian civilization. Feeble attempts will be made to apply coherency on the slides. But I wouldn’t trouble myself too much about it. So if you suffer from ADHD, do come and gloat. I am going to try and offer you an experience much similar to this scene from Amélie . Nah.. thats just a bit too cute for me. Besides I am not “surging with love or an urge to help human kind”. But you might leave with a better understanding of why most Indians have a complicated love / hate relationship with their country. Which brings us to this: “Dogs and Indians” are welcome only on the condition that they don’t bark at me with questions based on their experience :D