Debunking Death Panels: A Foray into Health Care Systems

November 19, 2010

Ana Crisan

It is not an uncommon notion that we, as humble citizens, are frequently screwed out of our dollars by various governmental pet projects. Today I tackle to the loftiest of these agendas: Health Care Systems. I want to ask the question: What gives me the most bang for my buck and pep in my step. So join me for the review of the Socialized Canadian Death Panel system and how it effects you! Topics will include: the use of death panels on grandmothers clogging the system and the use of death panels for babies clogging the system. In all seriousness, recently having a job and no longer being under the student / parent insurance umbrella has made me ask: what do I really get for healthcare in Canada and how much does it personally cost me? To contrast my service in Canada I look to other systems. First I started with the contentious American Health Care Systems to figure out 1) How I would get insured 2) How much I would be insured and 3) What that would cost me. Then I looked to the European Systems especially those run by Germany and France (okay there are some language barriers preventing me from reporting this 100% accurately) and tried to ask myself the same question. The trail of money is difficult to follow, but I will try.