A Rough Guide to CBC Radio

November 5, 2010

Matt Brehmer

CBC radio is one of my favourite things. If you are new to Canada or don’t already listen to CBC Radio, I will convince you of its many merits. CBC radio has something for everyone: from ideas, news, current affairs, humour, arts, music, to the spaces in between. I’ll cover the history of the CBC network and the past and current effects on Canadian culture (i.e. the Polaris music prize, Canada Reads, the Massey lecture series). My presentation won’t be strictly limited to the FM/AM variants of CBC radio, but also to its online radio-on-demand channels and podcasts, and its growing social media and music network, CBC-R3. PS: (CBC-R1 is 88.1 FM / CBC-R2 is 105.7 FM in Vancouver).