A UDLS that words cannot describe

October 22, 2010

Jeff Hendy

This week, we will experience a UDLS unlike any that has come before it. It will also be a UDLS that looks just like many we have seen through the ages. Contradiction? Perhaps. Or perhaps THE BEST UDLS IN THE WORLDDDDDDDD. You’ll have to come in order to find out. Actually, the quality of this particular un-distinguished lecture is out of my hands, so I will refrain from making superlative claims. I can, however, promise a late afternoon full of Powerpoint slides and words. Additionally, I am willing to bet all of my farms on being able to get a majority consensus that it will have been the most unique UDLS to date. And this is coming from the man who taught you all about duck penises and donut trees. Highlights may include: guest appearances from veteran UDLS presenters, judging our peers, free leprechauns, tears, lulz, unicorn rides, and/or inebriation. Guest stars may include: Benjamin “Parlormaid” Cecchetto, Jennifer “Intangibility” Fernquist, Richard Dean Anderson, Henry Winkler, and/or Kevin “Overemphasis” Swersky. Seriously: come. It will be off-the-chain dope.