The Cricket

January 15, 2010

Srujan Kumar

Now that we have seen an overview of baseball, we would follow it with a review of a very similar game, Cricket. Well, I don’t wanna plagiarize by saying, “As an Indian citizen, I think it is my responsibility to evangelize the game of cricket.” As we know, Cricket is in fact one of the major sports celebrated across (almost) all Commonwealth nations. No prizes for guessing who primarily contributes to the word “almost” above. I would say it is my responsibility to try to remove the “almost” word from the sentence above. We will go through basic cricket rules, a little-bit of history, evolution of different formats and recent developments in contemporary cricket. We would try to understand What special features it has and and try to understand why so many ppl from India/subcontinent are crazy about. Also, I assure there are facts that would interest and delight quite a few listeners, specifically the patriotic Canadians. If you are interested in knowing (more) about this game, this is an invitation for you!!!