The Longboarding

December 4, 2009

Nimalan Mahendran

This was supposed to be about The Longboarding and related religions, but it ended up being just about The Longboarding, skateboarding and maybe some of The Surfing. I will also talk about The Man, children, the Pope, the President of the US and A kicking ass and making helicopters explode, muppets, dogs, kittehs, budgies, the Kama Sutra, some more budgies and then we take a break. Then we talk about alligators and children, inequitable skateboarding, chimps, the Duoped, droughts and swimming pools, England and the lack of swimming pools there, old school skateboarding, moar kittehs, Cambodian skateboards, Ollies, 360 varial kickflips, short shorts, noses and tails, even moar kittehs, quivers, the magnificent diversity of all the people of the world, haircuts, custom designs, hammerhead sharks, lady friends, best friends, kingpins and reversed ones, regular non-hammerhead sharks, brakes and the lack thereof and sliding around on all fours, with a sneaky segue into the various sects of The Longboarding. Lack of sleep and its effect on other peoples’ appearance is also considered. We end with crazy guys in suits making high-pitched noises.