pictures of me

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2005 was the year of great animal contraptions at Burning Man - not one but two, count them two, hydraulic walking giraffes. The cute white 12' one (low-tech steering of tugging on the rope attached to a leg in mid-stride), and then the bad-ass postapocalyptic 18' death-giraffe (high-tech multiple footpedal controls). Not to mention the human-powered centaur. Although I got to drive them all, I didn't have anything to do with making these. But I did help paint the spotted stretch vanagon on the side of the first picture, continuing the giraffe theme...

by Jeff Han

Me looking professional, then me looking goofy.

by Sheila Oehrlein

by Ari Munzner

by random Burning Man 2004 person with a Polaroid

by Robert Harris

official mugshots

You're allowed to smile for some official photos, but not Canadian passport photos, where apparently looking like an axe murderer is de rigueur...

by Jennifer Archer

flamberge fun thanks to the inimitable Loki

by Ron Reisman

Trevor Blackwell's balancing scooter (homemade segway clone)

by Gayle Mavor

by Greg Humphreys

Surely I'm not the only one with a near-uncontrollable urge to make faces when faced with a camera...

by Craig Silverstein

Peacock or not? You be the judge. My hair's been blue for a few years now. But I don't always have a crest behind my head...

by Kirsty Barclay

by Collette Duplessis

by the stupendous julian

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by dtang

chainsaws in france

by Bridget Hardy

the day of many power tools

by Ken Beckman

by me

by ??

me and Lucas juggling, no doubt taken by somebody at Stanford

by Charlie Gunn

by Eric Rose

from Outside In titles

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