InfoVis 2004 Contest Entry:
Exploring InfoVis Publication History with Tulip

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Tool Used

We use David Auber's open-source Tulip software system for scalable exploration of graphs and trees.

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Tulip - A Huge Graph Visualization Framework
David Auber
Graph Drawing Software, Springer-Verlag, Mathematics and Visualization series, Petra Mutzel and Michael Jünger, pages 105-126, 2003
ISBN: 3-540-00881-0

Strahler based graph clustering using convolution
David Auber, Maylis Delest, and Yves Chiricota
8th International IEEE Conference, Information Visualisation, London, 2004

Multiscale Visualization of Small World Networks
David Auber, Yves Chiricota, Fabien Jourdan, and Guy Melançon
InfoVis'03, 2003, pages 75-81

Using Strahler numbers for real time visual exploration of huge graphs
David Auber
International Conference on Computer Vision and Graphics 2002, pages 56-69

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