Data Vis for Journalists Fall 2016, Lab 5



Schedule: Out: Oct 11 2016. Due: Oct 18 2017, 9am


Background Information

From Angus Reid Institute:

As Hillary Clinton takes her official place as the first female presidential nominee in U.S. history, the glass ceiling she put "18 million cracks" into during her 2008 bid for the Democratic nomination will finally be smashed. Depending on how things go in November, she could well make history again as America's first elected female president.

Many will say it's about time the United States caught up. Theresa May is now the second female prime minister of the United Kingdom. Her European Union counterpart is German Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Canadians went there and did that 23 years ago, under former Progressive Conservative prime minister Kim Campbell; the latest iteration of her party is now led by Rona Ambrose. But let's not get too smug; Ms. Campbell's months-long term was followed by 25 years of male PMs.

Achieving milestones is impressive, but current public perception can better inform where Canadian society really stands when it comes to women and political leadership.



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Tamara Munzner
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