Sep 2016 Data Visualization for Journalists (JRNL 520H. Special Topics in Contemporary Journalism: Data Visualization)

Instructors: Tamara Munzner, Caitlin Havlak
Classes: Tue Sep 13 - Tue Oct 18 (1.5 credit module)
Time/Location: Tue 9:30-12:30, Sing Tao Bldg Room 104

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Short Weekly Syllabus




  1     9/13 Intro, Tasks & Data, Marks & Channels
2   9/20 Arrange Tables
3   9/27 Color, Spatial Data
4   10/4 Manipulate, Facet, Reduce
5   10/11 Rules of Thumb, Wrangle
6   10/18 Stories, Networks, Vis in Newsrooms

Detailed Syllabus

Syllabus subject to change.

Week 1: Tue Sep 13
Lecture: Intro, Tasks & Data, Marks & Channels
pdf, pdf 16up, keynote

Lab: Lab 0 Pre-Assignment
Assignment: Tableau Install (do before first lecture)

Lab: Lab 1 Demos/Assignment
Demos: Basic Visual Encoding, Vancouver Crime, Vancouver Elections
Assignment: Music Sales

Further Reading

Week 2: Arrange Tables Tue Sep 20
pdf, pdf 16up, keynote
Links: xkcd Correlation, NYT Ebb and Flow of Movies (streamgraph), Alberto Cairo's blog post on misleading dual axes on chart about Planned Parenthood

Lab: Lab 2 Demos/Assignment
Demos: Back to the Future, Arrests Premiere League, Market Share
Assignment: Superstore, Connected Scatterplots (US minimum wage data)

Further Reading

Week 3: Color, Spatial Data Tue Sep 27
pdf, pdf 16up, keynote
Links: xkcd Heatmap, Cairo blog post on population maps, Kirk's defending post, Ben Jones Tableau Public site: Are Maps of Financial Variables Just Population Maps?

Lab: Lab 3 Demos/Assignment
Demos: Stone Color, Intro to Maps
Assignment: Drought, Analysis and Story for Chosen Dataset


Further Reading

Week 4: Manipulate, Facet, Reduce Tue Oct 4
pdf, pdf 16up, keynote
Links: LineUp demo (reordering), Animated Transitions in Statistical Graphics video, LiveRAC video (semantic zooming), Constellation video (semantic zooming), Cerebral video (dynamic layering)

Lab: Lab 4 Demos/Assignment
Demos: Seattle Construction, Internet Use, House Price Index
Assignment: House Price Index Wrapup, Make Story Interactive, Proposal

Further Reading

Week 5: Rules of Thumb, Wrangle Tue Oct 11
Slides (rules):
pdf, pdf 16up, keynote.
Slides (wrangling): pdf, pdf 16up
Links: NYT 3D Yield Curve, Trifacta Wrangler, Open Refine

Lab: Lab 5 Demos/Assignment
Demos: Wrangling tutorial, simple survey
Assignment: Angus Reid survey

Further Reading

Week 6: Stories, Networks, Vis in Newsrooms Tue Oct 18
Slides (Networks):
pdf, pdf 16up, keynote.

Lab: Lab 6 Demos/Assignment

Further Reading



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