Small World Graph Visualization

The following applet requires that you accept the security certificate in order to read from the local file system. No files are written or created during the execution of the code. That being said, I must warn: this software comes with no warranty and by accepting the certificate you agree that the author of the code (me) is not responsible for any damage incurred.

The applet requires a graph in one of two formats:

  1. Simple edge format - A text file where each line signifies an edge (example line: "node1 node2" puts and edge between node1 and node2). A sample of these can be found in the examples folder in this archive here.
  2. GML - I wrote a very primitive parser for gml files that probably isn't robust enough for every file out there but should work for most simple ones.



This report details the arduous process of constructing the above visualization using the prefuse toolkit. It discusses the thoughts that went in to buiding the visualization, the compromises made, how useful the results are, and the lessons learned.

Source Code

This jar contains the source code of the project. Just import it into Eclipse and hack away! Direct questions and comments to .


In no order, this project is indebted to the fine work of the following people: