CSPC 533C Assignment 1

Roman Rudenko

The Good

Indo-European Language Family Tree

This image displays the history of development and separation of indo-european languages.

The highlights:

Source: World Food Issues: Past And Present course by Clark Ford (World History: Indo-Europeans to the Middle Ages section).

The Bad

DBGet Database Links

This diagram is supposed to present the connections between interdependent molecular biology databases. On original page, every box was clickable and led to a query page for the corresponding database.

The problems:

Source: GenomeNet DBGET service by Kyoto University Bioinformatics Center.

The Ugly

Richcomm Power Manager

The visualization should allow the user to monitor the state of a UPS (Uniterruptible Power Supply). As you can see, all it accomplishes is burning out user retinas.

The problems:

Source: iXBT (computer magazine).