Bad Visualization

Map of 2004 UK Election Results [link]

This map of the UK attempts to visually represent the results of the 2004 UK elections.

The map itself is not labelled, and no lines are drawn between constituencies, so one cannot easily match up the list of constituencies along the righthand side with their corresponding location on the map. Users have to click on a constituency or area of the map to link up this information. Also, the "scoreboard" legend does not match up with the map. There are three parties listed in the legend, along with "other", however there are some decidedly large areas of colour on the map (e.g. the green, brown, and bright yellow areas that) that would seem to warrant their own entries in the legend - yet they are missing. The color scheme used to mark the map means that we can see which party won each area, but not by how much, so some information is lost here as well.


Good Visualization

CBC Archives Timeline [link]

The CBC Archives website contains information about various newsworthy people and events from Canada's history. This interactive timeline allows users to browse the archived items both chronologically and by topic.

This is a simple but effective visualization. With this one image, users are able to clearly see the full collection of items in the CBC archives and ascertain the topic and time period of each item. The timeline along the top - coupled with the position of each title along this timeline - gives some indication of chronology for each item (although it does not provide detailed date information). Additionally, the colours of the bars behind each title, when viewed with the simple legend, allow readers to clearly see the topic of each item at a glance. The scheme even allows for multiple topics assigned to one item, as scene by the two-toned bars behind some items.