1. Bad example of Visualization



















Fig1: This photo shows the areas affected by the Dec 26 Tsunami in India.

Source: http://mapsofindia.com/maps/tsunami-in-india/tsunami-affected-area-india.html

Reason: Though it specifies the cities which were struck by teh tsunami most, it does not explicitly specify the extent of damage & the population of the cities. It also does not include the epicenter of the tsunami & its distance from the Indian Mainland. Its also a static diagram, no zooming possible. Though the description tells to click on a city for detailed map, but a map in itself is of not much use unless it tells how & which areas are badly affected & to what extent.

2. Good example of Visualization

Fig 2: This Flash animation shows the extent of teh tsunami destruction, death toll in South Asia & the path taken by the tsunami waves.

Source: http://www.washingtonpost.com/wp-srv/world/daily/graphics/tsunami_122804.html

Reason: This interactive diagram is excellent in describing the precise extent of destruction in terms of death toll in several countries, their relative locations & distances from the tsunami epi-centre, the affected region in the globe & also the animation that shows how the tsunami waves advanced & what causes tsunami. It leaves a clear picture in the viewer's mind bout the tsunami disaster.