CPSC111: Introduction to Computation

Course Description: Basic programming constructs, data types, classes, interfaces, protocols and the design of programs as interacting software components.

Prerequisites: Mathematics 12.

Prerequisites Note:
If you have already received credit for CPSC124 and CPSC126 or for CPSC122 and CPSC128 then you cannot receive credit for CPSC111. If you have taken CPSC124 but not CPSC126 then you must take CPSC111 in order to advance through the computer science program. If you have taken CPSC122 but not CPSC128, please consult with a department advisor.

Course Outline The course outline can be found at http://www.ugrad.cs.ubc.ca/~cs111. This outline contains important information describing how the course will be run including a grading scheme and policies on plagiariam and lab usage. Please familiarize yourself with this document as soon as possible.

WebCT: In addition to the course home page given above, a webCT course has been set up. WebCT is an e-learning tool that acts as a repository for course notes, labs, and assignments and provides you with useful tools such as a bulletin board, calendar, and grade checker. You will be introduced to webCT in your first lab but if you'd like to take a sneak preview, you can log on at http://www.webct.ubc.ca. You can log in to webCT using either your student number and PIN or using your campus wide login (CWL) account. If you don't yet have a CWL account, you can obtain one free of charge by visiting http://www.cwl.ubc.ca. If you have a laptop with a wireless network card, a CWL account will also provide you with access to UBC's wireless network.

Undergraduate Computing Account: You will be provided with an account on our undergraduate computing network so that you can complete labs and assignments for this course. We ask that you try to activate your account before your first lab. Visit http://www.cs.ubc.ca/ugrad/facilities/accounts/activate.shtml and either follow the instructions for activating an account from the web or those for activating an account in the lab. If you have access to a computer at home, you will find it more convenient to activate your account from the web. If you need to activate your account from a lab, it is recommended that you use ICICS 008 (the lab that we use for htis course).

Final Note: If you have any questions, just ask! The TAs and Instructors will do their best to guide you through the learning process.

CPSC 111
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