Cheating: The List Of Things I Never Want To Hear Again


Short version: don't cheat!

No matter how desperate you are, cheating is never the right answer: it will make things worse. It's your responsibility to know what's cheating. Don't do it, you'll get caught, and the consequences are major.

Long version

I investigate and prosecute cheating cases regularly. I've heard the same things again and again from students. So I've made up this list of things that I never, ever want to hear a student say to me again. When you take one of my courses you will need to sign the statement saying that you have read and understood this entire page. This page covers the big picture. The exact guidelines for what is allowed versus what is cheating are different in different courses, so there is another page for each course that goes into detail about the requirements.

If you have any questions about what anything on this page means, ask me right away. If I have to investigate a cheating case, this entire page will be attached as part of the evidence, along with your signed statment that you understood it. So you do not want to say say any of these things to me. Or to the Associate Dean of Science, or to President's Committee on Discipline. Or to your parents, after you get suspended for cheating. Or to the person interviewing you for a job after you finish school, who asks about why your transcript has an academic misconduct notation.

The List Of Things I Never Want To Hear Again

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Tamara Munzner
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