547 Video Production

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Encoding Your Video

Your video must be in the following format

Screen, Video & Audio Recording

You can simply make a video of you talking through your slide deck. A view of yourself in the video is optional.

Many free tools are available to record your screen, webcam, and voiceover, such as:

You can also narrate slides and record a presentation directly in Keynote or Powerpoint:

Google Slides does not provide the option to narrate a slideshow and you will need to use an external tool, such as Zoom.
Screen and audio recording in Zoom: Start a meeting > Check audio settings > Share screen > Record > Save as MP4 file

Video Compression

If your video is in the wrong format or too large you can encode/re-encode your video with the open source software handbrake.fr.

Open your video in Handbrake > Video > Adjust the quality control toward the right to increase quality, or toward the left to lower it.

» See official Handbrake documentation for further details
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