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Your presentations on the readings will take place in the second half of the course. Only the presenter is required to do the additional readings for a topic, although all students are welcome to do so. The time allotted to present and the number of papers to present may change depending on final enrollment.

You will present 3 papers. At least 1 of them should be from the set that I assign. For the other 2, you're free to choose any papers on the topic, or to pick others from my provided list. You will have a total of 25 minutes. Aim for 20-22 minutes of presentation and 3-5 minutes of questions.


Topic and Time Signup

Send me your top three topic choices, and optionally a single "veto" day on which you do not want to present, by Friday Oct 21 at 5pm, with a subject header of
Subject: 533 submit topics
I will send out the schedule and post papers soon after that.


Your presentation should not simply outline the papers. You will need to present the critical ideas in the paper so that your colleagues in the class have a basis for understanding your subsequent discussion. Part of this assignment is to use your judgement on what those critical ideas are and how to concisely present them. You should compare the approaches of the papers, by a specific discussion of their relative strengths and weaknesses. Critique whether the proposed tools and techniques in these papers actually solve the intended domain problem.

Showing a demo or a video of one of the systems in action can be very helpful to show your colleagues the look and feel of an interactive system. If you want do this and plan to use my laptop to present, contact me in advance (at least the day before) so that we can sort whether the demo will indeed run. You must inform me in advance if you will require AV hardware such as a VCR or speakers during your presentation.


You should prepare slides to accompany your talk. See the previous versions of this course for many good examples of student presentations. You may use the software platform of your choice to present these slides, as long as it's also possible to create a PDF version of your talk for the course web site. Most people use PowerPoint, Keynote, OpenOffice, or latex/beamer. If you're using PowerPoint, it's easiest to just send me that and I'll generate the PDF myself.

You may use my laptop for presentations. If you need to use anything except for PDF or PowerPoint, check with me in advance to make sure that the required software is installed on my machine. By 11am on the day of class, send me either your presentation, or a note telling me that you're using your own laptop. In the latter case, send me your presentation right after class ends.

Also please send me the bibliographic citation of the papers you choose, and the URL if available online.

Your email must have the following subject header:

Subject: 533 submit slides


I've used this template for grading for the past few years (but I reserve the right to change it):

Presentation Preparation

For advice on giving technical talks, see

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