General Policies: CPSC 213, Intro to Systems, Sep 2012

Prerequisites | Grading | Late Work, Missed Work, and Illness



Evaluation criteria In order to pass the course, you must pass each of these three components with a mark of 50% or better.

The course grading scheme may be modified, and exam scores may be scaled, at the discretion of the instructor.


Attendance: Attendance in all lectures and your registered lab section is expected. You are responsible for all material presented there. While lecture slides and lab materials will be posted online on a best-effort basis, there is no guarantee that everything covered in lecture and labs will be in the posted material.

Grading Percentages:

Percentage (%) Letter Grade
90-100 A+
85-89 A
80-84 A-
76-79 B+
72-75 B
68-71 B-
64-67 C+
60-63 C
55-59 C-
50-54 D
0-49 F

Late Work, Missed Work, and Illness

Late Work: Late assignments are penalized by 25% per day (or fraction of a day), and are only accepted until 48 hours after the due date. To be very specific: handing in up to one day late is 25% off; handing in up to two days late is 50%; nothing is accepted after that. Exceptions to this late policy will be made only with advance approval from the instructor; or medical problems documented in writing as below. Do not wait until the very last minute to try handing in your work: hand in draft versions early, and keep updating often with your latest version!

Documentation of Severe Illness or Other Problems: If you miss completing assignments or exams because of illness or other emergencies, you should inform me as soon as you are able to do so. It is best to inform me by email immediately. You must inform me within seven (7) days of returning to school in writing (by email). No requests made after this time period will be granted. When you return to school, you must bring written documentation of the illness in the form of a copy of the doctor's note, along with a cover sheet saying when you were ill and exactly what work you missed. At my discretion, I may allow you to turn in the work late without penalty if solutions have not yet be released, or excuse you from completing the affected work and base your grade only on the unaffected work.

Missing the Final Exam: In rare cases, where there is clear justification, a deferred examination may be allowed if the missed work is a final examination. Deferral requests should go directly to the Office of the Dean of Science, not to me. See the Exam Issues FAQ for the UBC Faculty of Science for the examination deferral request policy. See also the list of legitimate vs. inadequate reasons for missing a final, and the form of the expected documentation for the small set of legitimate reasons.

Religious Holidays: Students who are scheduled to attend classes or write examinations on the holy days of their religion must notify the instructor in writing two weeks in advance of the religious holiday they wish to observe. The instructor will provide opportunity for students to make up the missed work or examination without penalty (UBC Policy 65).

Disability Resource Center: The UBC DRC supports students who need exam accomodations. You must give me the DRC paperwork within the first four weeks of class.

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