Message for Prospective Students

Thank you for your interest in our graduate program. The UBC CS department coordinates its admissions process centrally. If you are interested in studying at our department, I encourage you to apply. All admitted students are given full funding, including coverage of tuition costs and a stipend to live on. Details are on the web at

I also bring your attention to the Designing for People initiative, which includes a graduate training component. See

My publications and talks are all posted on my web page, at

I will look at all relevant applications once the departmental admissions committee has performed its preliminary screening and selected those applications that will be reviewed by individual faculty members doing research in areas related to the applicants' interests. I will not make any final decisions until I see the entire applicant pool.

I will be looking primarily at applications in the area of visualization, data science, or HCI that are sent to me by the department after this initial screening by the Admissions Committee. If your interests are not primarily in these areas, it is unlikely I will be looking at your application. I will not be reviewing any applications sent directly to me, only those forwarded by the department.

Although I am listed on the Bioinformatics site, I don't typically take standard bioinformatics applicants, only those with interest and experience in the visualization of biological data.

Tamara Munzner
Last modified: Mon Nov 25 11:54:49 PST 2019