11th Annual ACM Symposium on Computational Geometry
June 5-7, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada

Contains: Conference info, Registration info, and Housing info
Also available: Program, and Registration Fill-Out Form

ACM SCG Conference Information

The 11th Annual ACM Symposium on Computational Geometry will be held on the campus of the University of British Columbia, which is located on Point Grey overlooking the Burrard Inlet and is 20 minutes from the airport and 20 minutes from downtown Vancouver.
All accommodations are in Gage Residences on UBC campus. Gage Tower singles cluster 6 rooms around a common lounge and washroom; many have outstanding views. Singles are assigned at check-in; the best way to get specific "cluster-mates" is to check in together. Messages for guests may be left by phone (604) 822-1020 or fax (604) 822-1001. A smaller number of suites with private washroom, TV, telephone, and kitchenette are also available for reservation in Gage. (If you will have a car and prefer a hotel off-campus, we can make arrangements.)
We will be having a salmon barbeque for the banquet, hopefully out of doors. (Bring shoes for volleyball or soccer and pray for good weather.)
Day-time temperatures are usually 20-25ffiC; Sweaters or jackets may be needed in the evenings. Occasional rain should be expected.
Vancouver International airport is well connected, including charters from Amsterdam, London, and Frankfurt. Because of expansion work on the terminal building, international arrivals can expect a long walk from their gate to customs|you may wish to check heavy luggage.

Taxis to UBC from Vancouver airport cost CN$26 - $30 (US$18-$21). A shuttle (CN$8.25 - US$7) goes to downtown hotels every half hour. Frequent city buses #4 and #10 connect UBC to downtown. (CN$1.50; drivers do not make change.) The major car rental agencies have offices in the airport.

Canadian Airlines International has been designated "official carrier." They offer their lowest available fare, or 35% off full fare in Canada, 30% off with restrictions (15% without) from the US, and can waive some restrictions (e.g., advance purchase, 7 day minimum stay) on a case-by-case basis for international flights. Ask your travel agent to register your booking with file number #2336, or book with their Conventionair office at +1 (800) 655-5554.

We also have a file number for flights on United Airlines. United offers 5% off any published fare or 10% off full coach for travel on 2 june 95 -- 10 june 95. For your travel agent, the Tour Code is 585CH. The ticket designation is CD5 or CD10 according to the following chart:

Fare Basis	Discount	Tkt Design	Booking Code
----------	--------	----------	------------
FUA/F/A/C/CUA	 5%		CD5		F/A/C
BUA/YUA/Y9/Y	10%		CD10		M
Y/B/M/H/Q/V	 5%		CD5		Y/B/M/H/Q/V
Please ensure that the file number for only one airline appears on your tickets.

For US travellers, flights to the airport in Bellingham, Washington, are sometimes less (and sometimes more) expensive than those to Vancouver. Bellingham is two hours south of Vancouver by car, Seattle airport is 31|2; shuttle bus service (604)244-3744 is available from both. Other international visitors should check visa restrictions before considering this option|while no visa is required to fly into Canada from many countries (e.g., European Common Market) a visa is usually required to enter by car or bus.

Driving Directions
From the Vancouver International Airport, follow McConachie Way over the A. Liang bridge and take the Grandville St exit. The second light on Grandville is 70th; turn left. 70th becomes SW Marine, which goes up the coast and through the woods to the UBC campus. Turn right on 16th and left at Wesbrook (second light; gate 10). Pass two lights and turn left onto Student Union Blvd (gate 2); Gage is immediately on the right.

From Washington, take HWY 99 north into Vancouver, where it becomes Oak Street. Turn left on 41st Street and right when 41st ends at SW Marine Drive. Continue as above.

From Central B.C., take the Trans-Canada HWY and exit at Grandview (exit 28B). Grandview becomes 12th, which jogs to 10th, and 10th becomes University Blvd on campus (gate 1). At the light on Wesbrook, turn right, then left on Student Union Blvd.

Limited free parking is available for Gage residents. Expensive parking (CN$1.75/hour, CN$14 max) is available in the parkades near Gage and by gate 4; The conference sessions are a 12min walk north of the cheaper parking (CN$0.35/hour) in the B-lots by gate 10.

The Bank of Montreal in the basement of the student Union Building across from Gage provides 24 hour automatic teller machines and full services 9am-3:30pm M-F.
Child Care
The day care centres on campus often have spaces available during the summer for preschool children. If you tell us your needs, we will attempt to connect you with daycare providers.
Ubc attractions include the Museum of Anthropology, botanical gardens, hiking trails, and sports facilities (aquatic centre, tennis, public golf course 224-1818). Bicycles and other outdoor recreation equipment can be rented from Campus Recreations: 822-3515. David Kirkpatrick promises to organize daily runs on his favorite routes down the beach or through the woods of Pacific Spirit Park.

Vancouver attractions include Stanley Park, beaches, fine restaraunts, mountains, the aquarium... (See the WWW pages for pictures). Lynda Bartie runs the Tour Desk at Gage after May 1 and can arrange sightseeing tours, boat cruises, etc. tel: 689-3140, fax: 689-5490. Bicycles can be rented from many places by Stanley Park; Fully equipped kayaks from Ecomarine 689-7575.

We are organizing a hiking and a kayaking expedition on Sunday, for those who will arrive before the conference. If you are interested in these, in religious services, or in other attractions, please send email or mail.

Additional Information
Jack Snoeyink, Dept. of Computer Science
201 - 2336 Main Mall, Vancouver, B.C., Canada V6T 1Z4
fax: +1 (604) 822-5485 tel: +1 (604) 822-8169
www: http://www.cs.ubc.ca/spider/snoeyink/

ACM SCG Registration Information

Regular registration includes Proceedings, Video Review tape, lunches, barbeque, and coffee breaks. Additional barbeque tickets available for students, family, or friends. (We hope to provide student barbeque tickets through donations.)
          Registration   Before May 3    After May 3
          ACM members   CN$320 US$235  CN$370 US$270
          Nonmembers    CN$390 US$285  CN$440 US$320
          Students      CN$140 US$100  CN$180 US$130
          One-day       CN$170 US$125  CN$170 US$125  
  Registration                                  $ _________    
  Extra salmon barbeque tickets @ CN$40 US$29   $ _________    
  Extra proceedings             @ CN$47 US$34   $ _________    
  Extra videotapes              @ CN$10 US$7.50 $ _________    
  Total:                    _ CN$ _ US$         $ _________    

First Name  __________________Last Name ___________________
Affiliation _______________________________________________
Address     _______________________________________________
Phone       _______________________________________________
Email       _______________________________________________

Preferred video standard: _ NTSC (N. Amer)  _ PAL  _ SECAM
Dietary restriction:   _ Vegetarian   _ Kosher
Special needs?:  __________________________________________

VISA/MASTERCARD (circle one)
Card Number _______________________________________________
Signature ________________________ Expiry Date ____________
We accept Mastercard, VISA, bank transfers, and cheques in Canadian or US funds. (Canadian$ transfers to Bank of Montreal account 0811-0000-059; US$ to 0811-4600-085. Please indicate ACM-SCG:Snoeyink #9-40114 on transfer for proper credit.) Cancellation refunds cannot be processed after May 26, 1995. Mail, fax, email or use WWW:
UBC Computer Science
201 - 2336 Main Mall
Vancouver, B.C., Canada V6T 1Z4
fax: +1 (604) 822-5485 tel: +1 (604) 822-8169
Note: It is probably not a good idea to transmit unencrypted credit card numbers, which is what WWW must do. We have a public key block for those who can access Philip Zimmermann's pgp program. (Use this or Finger acm-scg@cs.ubc.ca)
Version: 2.3


Accomodation Information

ACM Symposium on Computational Geometry
Accommodations: UBC Conference Centre
Group Code: G50603B

First Name  __________________ Last Name __________________
Street Addr _______________________________________________
City        _________________ Province/State ______________
Phone       _______________________________________________
Arrival Date: (2pm checkin)  ______________________________
Departure Date: (11am checkout) ___________________________

 Single with Shared Washroom     	$32.00 _
 Single with Private Washroom*   	$56.00 _
 Single/Double Suite (1 double bed)*	$74.00 _
 Triple Suite (2 twin beds, 1 double)*	$95.00 _
*(incl. TV, telephone, kitchenette and private washroom)
Singles will be substituted when a request for private-washroom suites cannot be accommodated. Rates are in Canadian funds and are subject to applicable taxes.

Payment information

VISA/MASTERCARD (circle one)
Card Number _______________________________________________
Signature ________________________ Expiry Date ____________

Please mail or fax this request before MAY 3, 1995
Indicate if previously mailed or faxed: yes / no

Reservations Office, UBC Conference Centre
5961 Student Union Building,
Vancouver, B.C., Canada V6T 2C9
tel: +1 (604) 822-1010 fax:+1 (604) 822-1001
Group Code: G50603B