CPSC 427 Video Game Programming

List of games created in the past offerings

Minos' Monster Maze


Best Game (Elected by Industry Jury)
A 2D platformer game where you play as Theseus and have been transported into a digital Greek labyrinth hounded by the infamous Minotaur from Greek mythology. With the help of the power to rotate the labyrinth, you must escape the various levels of the maze before the Minotaur catches you!
Authors: Henry Deng, Regina Lai, Trueman Lam, Shanice McSavaney, Julilla Paul, Yuntian Wan



Runner-Up (Elected by Industry Jury)
Lumin is a light-based puzzle platformer game. Utilize light to interact with the environment and complete all 20 levels!
Authors: Kevin Yap, Sherry Yuan, Soo Kim, JiaHuah Lee, Kyle Swensson, Michael Goh

Veggie Vengeance


Runner-Up (Elected by Industry Jury)
It is 3019, and with the fatal global food crisis, overpopulation, and unsustainable habits, humans have laid waste to both themselves, and the planet.
In retaliation, Mother Nature has granted its babies — its vegetables from vast valleys — sentience. That’s right! These legumes and roots have gained intelligence, and this time, they are back with a vengeance! With humans down for the count, it’s time to establish a new world order. There is only room for one vegetable at the top of this food chain, and those who can’t take the heat must get out of the kitchen! Which vegetable will prevail among the seeds? Play to find out!
The game supports multiple fighters and provides selection for multiple stages. Players fight as vegetable characters, each with their own set of unique abilities. Veggie Vengeance is a recipe for trouble.
Authors: Madison Graf, Wesley Yuen, Michael Zhang, Ali Arbabian, Jen Deluz, Alexis Gervacio

Mystic Crusaders


Honourable Mention (Elected by Industry Jury)
An ancient magic-using planet was invaded by high-tech aliens. The ancient heroes fight back for their homeland using old, powerful magics. For the majority of our gameplay, our heros fight with increasingly difficult enemies until they die. Then a new hero stands out, with the option to upgrade their hometown with the coins gained from the dead heroes. The hero will be more and more powerful as well as the player will become more and more skillful. Where is the ending? They (hero & player) will find out.
Authors: Shuoyi Ma, Xianchen Long, Dongan Liu, Sizhuang Liu, Guanting Li, Xin Shi

Panda Express


Honourable Mention (Elected by Industry Jury)
In our game, you play as a panda, trying to find the other last remaining member of his species to avoid extinction. It will be a side scrolling runner that alternates between horizontal running sections and vertical jumping sections, which would resemble a platformer. In each of these sections there will be a hazard to outrun such as lava. As well at the end of each level there will be a boss character that you have to defeat in order to move on to the next level. As the game progresses the speed of the running character (a panda) will increase and there will be more enemies and objects that you will need to avoid or kill.
Authors: Alex Hoar, Avery Brown, Cowan Cumming, Kenneth McCorkell, Prayansh Srivastava, Rebecca Roth

Space Pearates


Honourable Mention (Elected by Industry Jury)
You work as an engineer for Pear, the world-famous developer of the EyePad. To continue releasing top quality products, Pear sends out engineers to invade alien planets, and “negotiate” to use their technology in their products. On your way to invade another planet, your ship stops working for some reason, and you crash land onto the planet, which does not bode well for you. Aliens, aware of Pear’s rampant piracy, prepare to attack you and your ship. Luckily, you downloaded a few of Pear’s self-defense schematics before you crash landed. You prepare to defend yourself.
Unfortunately, your ship isn’t the only piece of buggy technology. Your EyePad only gives you a few schematics at a time at a random order. And all your self-defense schematics have some sort of flaw in them, whether its being prone to overheating or being initialized incorrectly, thus requiring some sort of outside user input to use properly...
A 2D tower defense / platformer hybrid where your platforming skills directly impact how you defend the base.
Authors: Hanchen (Hunter) Hou, Frances Sin, Andrew Ouyang, Trevin Wong, Subi Rixat, Alison Wu

Caste Away


Best Game (Elected by Industry Jury)
The game is a mixture of tower defense and RPG survival with a main character that is capable of casting elemental spells or creating towers to defeat enemies. The main player finds themselves with only a set of spells and defense tower schematics to help defeat approaching enemies. The enemies get progressively stronger as the game goes forward, requiring the dwarf to increase the number of spells at his or her disposal, build more towers, and also explore the map to collect more powerful spells. Exploring an unknown and vastly dangerous setting will be key as it provides new resources and unlocks hidden knowledge for the best chances of survival.
Authors: An (Sam) Sung, Daniel Brodsky, Gabriel Uribe, Kevin Sun, Rafael Martinez, Tsz Yan (Lulu) Lee

Celestial Industries


Technical Award (Elected by Industry Jury)
It is the distant future. You work for Celestial Industries, the galactic megacorp that runs civilization. Your task is to build out robotic colonies on alien worlds. Your fleet will harvest resources to supply the company's ever-expanding ambitions. Be vigilant, for the most bountiful planets may already be claimed by other civilizations that won't go down without a fight.

Inspired by classics like Starcraft and Pharaoh, Celestial Industries is a 2.5D real-time strategy game with city-builder influences.
Authors: Ahmed Khalifa, Andres Rama, Eric Semeniuc, Gurjot Kheeva, Peter Deltchev

Attack on Zombies


You were enjoying your days as a zombie when the Necromancers attacked, casting spells that allow them to control zombies. To escape their wrath, you must be in possession of an antidote before time runs out and the spells is cast.
A local two-player game where you have to fight for the antidote by using the available items to either protect yourself or attack the opponent so they drop the antidote. Zombie arms will give you item slots, while zombie legs will give you speed. However, if enough limbs cluster together, they will form enemy zombies that will attack you.
Authors: Billy Liu, Irene Fang, Mark Pedersen, Pinia Chandra

Beat Coin


Beat-coin is a musical rhythm-based 2D top down shooter. The game is level based with a separate song for each level. Enemies spawn within the room and shoot towards the player, whose goal is to not die or be shot. There is backing music with a musical pulse and the game is affected, through various mechanisms, by how well each event aligns with the time window described by the music's pulse. For example, adversaries can move to the beat or become stronger and more damaging when the player acts, moves, or attacks off-beat.
Authors: James Liu, Min Sang Mike Park, Sarah Pratt, Scott Luu, Tianyang Liu, Trevor Ott

Defend Vancouver


An alien army is determined to destroy Vancouver. As the chosen, you must shoot down the aliens while also dodging their attacks. As the levels proceed, the challenge increases with increasing number of enemies and different kinds of attacks. Shooting aliens will earn a lot of points and collecting power-ups will help your performance in the game. The goal is to defend the city and your aircraft from the aliens as long as possible. Keys: Use W, A, S, D to move. The movement is according to the orientation of the player. Use the mouse to aim and shoot.
Authors: Andy Wong, Anun Ganbat, Gowtham Mohan, Shrey Nayak, Tanwin Nun

Dungeon Janitor


In Dungeon Janitor, you play as a Janitor who has to clean up the mess left by a Hero. However, a new Hero is coming to the dungeon, so you have to clean quickly, because the Hero is going to make a mess when they start fighting the Dungeon's Boss. Keep the dungeon clean enough while the Hero and Boss fight, and you'll win! Chase your high score, and don't let the Dungeon get too dirty!

To move, use the arrow keys, and to clean press the space bar.
Authors: Dana Gregg, Jay Aguera, Neil Connatty, Sean Donachiue, Silver Burla, Stephanie Lam

Roy the Traffic Cop


Help Roy the Traffic Cop direct cars through a crowded intersection as efficiently as possible. Score points for each car that successfully gets through without crashing, but you have to make sure to reach a certain threshold for each in-game year, or Roy will lose his job! If you wait too long to let a car through the intersection, then they will get impatient and go on their own. Watch out for pile-ups and rogue ambulances!

Arrow keys: Tell the first car in the corresponding lane to advance. Spacebar (tap repeatedly): Clear crashed cars from the intersection. P: Pause. R: Reset.
Authors: Haoyu (Mason) Yang, Jacob Brunette, Jordan Roth, Nicholas Chan, Theo Chitayat, Yao Liu

Slime Revolution


You are a slime, lowliest of monsters, crawling the dungeon for survival. Defeat enemies, find items, improve your own abilities, and raise minions to get the chance to challenge the boss for supremacy over this dungeon. The "Slime Revolution" is a traditional dungeon crawler with a smattering of RTS elements thrown in.
Authors: Eddie Wu, Louis Belleville, Paul Kim, Runqing Zhang, Spencer Austman, Zhaolin Deng
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