Post 2013 Projects

OD-test (PyTorch)

OD-test: A Less Biased Evaluation of Outlier Detectors.


PDF (Beamer) to Powerpoint (Bash)

Convert your (Beamer) PDF slides to (Powerpoint) PPTX while preserving the style. It's useful if you want to annotate your slides on a Microsoft Surface when you're presenting.


Academic Countdown (HTML)

An academic conference deadline countdown to keep you motivated!


Cross-View Action Recognition (Matlab)

The code that accompanies our BMVC 14 submission.

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Pre 2013 Projects

This list is no longer maintained and is kept here for reference only

I've done a lot of personal projects over the past few years. Most of them began with a simple wonder and came to existence after days of striving. I simply enjoy solving problems and creating something new.

Cup means I won an award with.

Cup Program Pack
A collection of different applications I developed during junior-high school to assist students during their studies. I received the 2nd place award of "Education Content Festival" administered by Ministry of Education.
Autoplay Media Studio Tutorials
I prepared more than 10 detailed tutorials for beginners to start using this awesome program.
Everything Online!
My first famous program, which allowed the users to download local newspapers automatically. Similar to what iOS newsstand does today. I had more than 10,000 users back then.
Cup English <> Persian <> Arabic Dictionary
The title is self explanatory, but I should remind you I was only 13 years old back then.
Reverse Engineering Tutorials
More than 10 reverse engineering tutorials for X86 architecture. The architecture itself, and compiler patterns were explained by going through machine codes of various applications.
Sony Divx - xVid player patch
I had a sony divx player back then, I found out it had a bug, preventing it to play some specific types of DivX videos. This program changed the video files to circumvent this problem.
Cup Diba Dictionary
Another successful application of mine, the 1st Persian application for the popular Sony PSP. I prepared a Persian typesetter library (Pext), and used that to develop this award winning program.
Calculate The Phi Number to the specified decimal place.
Cup Pext
Persian Typesetter Library for Sony PSP.
iPhone Carrier Logo for Iran
This patch, added Iranian carrier logo to the popular iPhone.
EngPer Dictionary for iPhone
The first English-Persian dictionary for iOS.
iPersian, first Persian patch for iPhone
The first localization patch for Iranian iOS users.
LockScreen Calendar for iPhone
First lockscreen calendar for Iranian iOS users.
Persian Dialer for iPhone
Persian dialer patch for Iranian iOS users.
Junior Soccer Robot
My first robot programming experience during high school years. Asghar had 3-wheels, a mechanical kicker, and many IR sensors.
Robot movement simulator
Since trying out ball handling algorithms cost a lot of time, I made this simulator to run avr-c codes and simulate robot behavior in various conditions.
Oracle Discoverer Persian-Arabic Patch
This patch, added Persian Arabic support to the Oracle Discoverer. The most sophisticated patch I ever made. I had to inject a library and rewrite some parts of the code using assembly.
AquaSoft Persian Theme - vBulletin
PHP based Cydia repository - vBulletin
A PHP based cydia repository, which used vbulletin for authentication.
PHP based download identifier - vBulletin
This handy script controlled user downloads through vbulletin.
PHP based download script with resume support - vBulletin
This script added partial retrieval ability to the above program
Pretty self explanatory. It as implemented for forum and was used to sell applications
This script added watermarks to the uploaded images on
The first Persian typesetter for MaxOSX
The first calendar icon patch for Iranian iOS users.
iWeb Automatic Image Compressor
iWeb is truly wasteful, this script handled its huge files automatically
Calendar Icon for MacOSX
Cup Dexter
Snake AI Agent for mySnake competition
Bypass internet speed limits in shared environments
Object Recognition Service v1.0 & v2.0 for Sourena
Cup ProjectNil - Robocode (AI) Robot
PersKey 4.x
Persian Keyboard for iOS 4
Jalali Lock 4.x
Jalali Calendar for iOS 4 Lockscreen
Hijri Lockscreen
Persian iPad Keyboard
Arabic iPad Keyboard
A system-wide online dictionary for iOS
Online shop and licensing system for iOS applications
Persian Keyboard - for iOS 4
Black Keyboard
More than 20,000 downloads in the first 24 hours!
Arrow Keys - for iOS
An incredible grade analyzer! Uses AUT educational database to analyze your performance.
iOS Persian Calendar Patch
The first Persian calendar patch to fully localize Calendar application in iOS
Object Recognition Service V3.0 for Sourena
Kinect Service v1.0 for Sourena
An application which allows you to easily manage your Cydia repository on your server
MVB Search Engine
Enhanced Vector models applied to develop a search engine for Information Retrieval course
Image Quantizer
PSO based application for color reduction in an image for Artificial Intelligence course
Solving traveling salesman problem in a maze using Evolutionary Algorithms for Artificial Intelligence course
A platform which simulates an OS running to benchmark various algorithms for OS course
Stanford Free Online AIClass mirror for Iranian students
An application which allows programmers to manipulate their Piano with MIDI protocol, Part of Music Synthesize project
Modified socks protocol to circumvent certain limitations and remain hidden in a network.
A local file sharing program which allows you to transfer files on network using parallel connections
A POP3 mail client for Internet Engineering course
An application for fast script execution on educational portal of AUT
Patched Private OpenVPN
A porthole like wormhole but for ports. (Advanced port forwarding system)
A website downloader for internet engineering course
A website to learn JavaScript, HTML & CSS for internet engineering course.
A file sharing website for internet engineering course
Data Mining DBScan
Implementation of DBScan and OPTICS, hierarchical clustering practice
Data Mining Classification
Implementation of SVM, Naive Bayes, Decision Trees and K-Nearest Neighbor
send operator commands with your GSM and CDMA iPad
Transaction Monitor
A sophisticated transaction monitoring service for fraud detection in banking solutions.
Bachelor's Thesis in Software Engineering, An article recommender website based on probabilistic models.