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What's with the attitude? a study of participant attitude in multi-party online discussions

Ahmed Hassan, Vahed Qazvinian, and Dragomir R. Radev

An Ontology-based Visual Interface for Browsing and Summarizing Conversations

Shama Rashid and Giuseppe Carenini

Automatically Generating Wikipedia Articles: A Structure-Aware Approach

Christina Sauper and Regina Barzilay

ConsentCanvas: Automatic Texturing for Improved Readability in End-
User License Agreements

Oliver and Alex

Dialogue-Oriented Review Summary Generation for Spoken Dialogue
Recommendation Systems

Jingjing Liu, Stephanie Seneff, Victor Zue

A Simple Domain-Independent Probabilistic Approach to Generation

Gabor Angeli and Percy Liang and Dan Klein

Lexicon-Based Methods for Sentiment Analysis

Maite Taboada et al.

Digesting Virtual “Geek” Culture: The Summarization of Technical Internet Relay Chats

Liang Zhou and Eduard Hovy

Unsupervised Modeling of Twitter Conversations

Alan Ritter, Colin Cherry Bill Dolan

Adapting a Polarity Lexicon using Integer Linear Programming for Domain-Specific Sentiment Classification ----Yejin Choi and Claire Cardie
"Targeting Sentiment Expressions through Supervised Ranking of Linguistic Configurations"
"Choosing the content of textual summaries of large time-series data sets"
"Automatic Generation of Textual Summaries from Neonatal Intensive Care Data"
''Hierarchical Bayesian domain adaptation''
"Generating Discourse Structures for Written Texts"
"A Novel Discourse Parser Based on Support Vector Machine Classification"
Reranking and self-training for parser adaptation
An effective Discourse Parser that uses Rich Linguistic Information
Learning the Structure of Task-driven Human-Human Dialogs
Automatic Segmentation of Multiparty Dialogue
Learning the Structure of Human-Computer and Human-Human Dialogs
Hybrids of Supervised and Unsupervised Models for Extractive Speech Summarization
Leveraging SentenceWeights in a Concept-based Optimization Framework for Extractive Meeting Summarization
Semi-Supervised Speech Act Recognition in Emails and Forums
"Segmenting Email Message Text into Zones"
"Resolving It, This, and That in Unrestricted Multi-Party Dialog"
"Relative Rank Statistics for Dialog Analysis"
"DEPEVAL(summ): Dependency-based Evaluation for Automatic Summaries"
"Collective Content Selection for Concept-To-Text Generation"
"Yahoo! for Amazon: Sentiment Extraction from Small Talk on the Web"
"Automatic generation of textual summaries from neonatal intensive care data"
"Crystal: Analyzing Predictive Opinions on the Web"
"The Predictive Power of Online Chatter"
"Identifying Relevant Phrases to Summarize Decisions in Spoken Meetings"

"You talking to me? A Corpus and Algorithm for Conversation Disentanglement"

"Multimodal Subjectivity Analysis of Multiparty Conversation"

"Rhetorical Structure Theory: Looking Back and Moving Ahead"

"Exploiting Subjectivity Classification to Improve Information Extraction"

"Cross-Linguistic Sentiment Analysis: From English to Spanish"

"Extracting sentiment as a function of discourse structure and topicality"

"Abstraction Summarization for Managing the Biomedical Research Literature"
"Modeling Topic and Role Information in Meetings Using the Hierarchical Dirichlet Process"

"The AMIDA Automatic Content Linking Device: Just-in-Time Document Retrieval in Meetings"