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[1] Murray G. and Carenini G., Summarizing Spoken and Written Conversations. Empirical Methods in NLP (EMNLP 2008), Waikiki, Hawaii, 2008.

[2] Carenini G and Cheung J., Extractive vs. NLG-based Abstractive Summarization of Evaluative Text: The Effect of Corpus Controversiality. International Conference on Natural Language Generation. (INLG 2008), Salt Fork, Ohio, USA, June 12-14, 2008.

[3] Carenini G and Ng R. and Zhou X.,  Summarizing Emails with Conversational Cohesion and Subjectivity, The 46th Annual Meeting of the Association for Computational Linguistics: Human Language Technologies (ACL-HLT 2008), Columbus, Ohio, USA,  2008.

[4] G. Murray and T. Kleinbauer and P. Poller and S. Renals and T. Becker and J. Kilgour, Extrinsic Summarization Evaluation: A Decision Audit Task, , MLMI 2008, Special Session on User Requirements and Evaluation, Utrecht, Netherlands, 2008.

[5] G. Murray and S. Renals, Meta Comments for Summarizing Meeting Speech,  MLMI 2008, Utrecht, Netherlands, 2008.

[6] J. Ulrich and G. Murray and G. Carenini, A Publicly Available Annotated Corpus for Supervised Email Summarization,  EMAIL-2008 Workshop, AAAI, Chicago, USA, 2008.

[7] G. Murray and S. Renals,Detecting Action Items in Meetings,  MLMI 2008, Utrecht, Netherlands, 2008.

[8] Gabriel Murray and Shafiq Joty and Giuseppe Carenini and Raymond Ng. The University of British Columbia at TAC 2008. In Proceedings of the Text Analysis Conference (TAC 2008), Rochester, NY, November, 2008, NIST.