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Summarization is the process of distilling the most important information from the source (or sources) to produce an abridged version for a particular user (or users) and task (or tasks). The goal of summarization systems is to take an information source, extract content from it and present the most important content to the user in a condensed form and in a manner sensitive to the user’s or applications’ need. Input to the summarization process can be in different formats, like text, video, audio, image, etc. Summaries can be generated by just copying and pasting elements (e.g., sentences, diagrams) from the source (extracts), or can be generated by producing new text and/or graphics to convey key information extracted form the source (abstracts).

Research Areas: The group is involved in several summarization tasks. Our primary research interests are as follows:

bullet Understanding and generating evaluative text
bullet An empirical analysis of valence shifters for polarity classification
bullet Summarizing customer reviews in terms of user-defined features

Summarizing Conversations (Emails, Meetings, Blogs, Chats)


Multimedia Summarization and Conversation Visualization (Texts and Graphics)

Publications and Software: Please visit Publications and Resources for our recent publications and software tool.

Collaborations: We are getting support from business companies, government agencies and community users. Please refer to the Collaborations section for further information about our industry relations.