Face-to-Face Grading Guidelines CPSC 427

Grading will be done in person. You must have your own machine and framework ready to show your source code, compile, and run your game. Before the face-to-face grading, you should prepare following these instructions

  • Open the source files relevant to your individual contribution.
  • Be read to launch your game (preferably on more than one machine).
  • Between team members, determine how to present the game in turn.
  • Be ready to explain the part which you’ve worked on.

The face-to-face grading is expected to work as:

  • Team presents the game status (milestone) as a whole.
  • TA plays the game to evaluate gameplay.
  • Students take turns to explain/showcase their individual parts of the work.
  • TA asks questions about the game as a whole or the individual parts.

The face-to-face grading time is limited. Thus grading sessions running longer than the assigned slot due to lack of preparedness will be rescheduled to a time of TA’s convenience. So please be prepared.