Fluid Simulation for Computer Animation

Robert Bridson
Matthias Müller-Fischer
Eran Guendelman
Ronald Fedkiw

SIGGRAPH 2006 Course Notes

You can download the current version of the course notes here: fluids_notes.pdf.

SIGGRAPH 2006 Slides

The basics of fluids: BasicFluids.ppt
Particle-in-Cell methods: ParticleInCell.ppt
The cutting edge in film: fluids_course_cutting_edge-dist.ppt
Real-time fluids: GameFluids.ppt
Viscoelasticity: Viscoelastic.ppt

Example Code

Yes - this was promised in the 2006 course. It has been a casualty to perfectionism unfortunately: cleaning up existing code, making algorithms more robust, etc. have hampered the release. It is on its way nevertheless.