CS 534A: Topics in Data Management (Meta-Data Management)

Class time & location

Tuesday & Thursday 2-3:30

About 534A

CPSC 534A is a graduate seminar on data management. In particular, this term we'll be studying meta-data management. Meta-data is data about data. For example, if I had a database telling me about your grades, the grades of an individual student would be data, and the way that I arranged the data would be the meta-data. We'll be studying in depth some applications where meta-data needs diverge from typical databases, different meta-data models (e.g., relational data, XML), and how to manage meta-data. The bulk of the class will involve reading research papers, presenting them, and discussing and analyzing them in the context of the whole class. A few assignments will be given to ensure that you understand the core concepts in practice as well as theory. In addition, there will be a project. There will be no midterms or finals.

Prerequisites: Students having graduate standing in CS or the Masters of Software Systems are welcome to attend, regardless of whether you have a database background or not (I'll cover a few basics in the first few weeks). If you are an undergraduate who has taken a database class and are interested in attending, feel free to send me e-mail to discuss it.


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