CPSC 534P: Topics in Data Management (Meta-Data Management)

Class time & location

Monday and Wednesday 2-3:30
Dempster 101 first day, ICICS/CS 206 thereafter.


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About 534P

CPSC 534P is a graduate seminar on data management. In particular, this term we'll be studying meta-data management. Meta-data is data about data. For example, if I had a database telling me about your grades, the grades of an individual student would be data, and the way that I arranged the data would be the meta-data. We'll be studying in depth some applications where meta-data needs diverge from typical databases, different meta-data models (e.g., relational data, XML), and how to manage meta-data. The bulk of the class will involve reading research papers, presenting them, and discussing and analyzing them in the context of the whole class. At least one assignment will be given to ensure that you understand the core concepts in practice as well as theory. In addition, there will be a project. There will be no midterms or finals.

Prerequisites: Students having graduate standing in CS or the Masters of Software Systems are welcome to attend, regardless of whether you have a database background or not (I'll cover a few basics in the first few weeks). If you are an undergraduate who has taken a database class and are interested in attending, feel free to send me e-mail to discuss it.

Relationship to CPSC 504: CPSC 504 and CPSC 534P have similar structures (i.e., both read research papers in data management), but cover different topics and papers. Therefore, students are welcome to take CPSC 534P without having taken CPSC 504 - again, I'll be covering the basics very briefly.


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