For everyone who ever wanted to know, but was afraid to ask:

Okay, first, my parents got married. Then they had me. So far so good. Then they got divorced when I was about 2. Then mom got married. The person she married, Mark, had a daughter, Chloe. This made Chloe my step sister. Then my dad got married to someone who is also named Rachel. To avoid confusion, I am known as "Little Rachel", and she is called "Big Rachel" in situations where there might be some confusion. Of course, since she is 5'3", and I am 5'7", this causes other confusion. Both second marriages occured when I was about 5. Everyone still with me? Okay. Then when I was in eleventh grade, my mom and Mark got a divorce. This means that now Chloe is my ex-stepsister, and Mark is my ex-stepdad. See? Simple.

This section is only for those who are really curious or gluttons for punishment

To further complicate matters, Chloe's mom remmarried as well, and she had children with her second husband. This makes them my ex-stepsister's half brothers. As well, Rachel's parents were also divorced, and both of them remarried. Rachel's mom and stepdad had a child, and he is my stepmom's half brother. Now he has a child as well. So the kid is my stepmom's half brother's son. As well, Rachel's stepparents were divorced and remarried, so for a very short period of time, I had a stepmother's, stepmother's, stepmother.

Any questions?

For those who really enjoy this sort of stuff and want to mess with your brain some more, listen to the song "I'm my own Grandpa". It was sung by Lonzo and Oscar, but it has been by other people as well. The verison I'm talking about can be found on "Dr. Demento Presents the Greatest Novelty Records of All Time, Volume I, The 1940's".
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