Welcome to the webpage for DB Me 2012, the SIGMOD 2012 DataBase MEntoring workshop.

This workshop will be held on Sunday, May 20, in conjunction with SIGMOD 2012.

We proudly announce the DB Me(ntoring) Workshop at SIGMOD. The main goal of this workshop is to encourage current undergraduate and graduate students (and especially women and underrepresented minorities) to obtain a PhD in computer science or computer engineering, specifically in database systems.

This workshop will include a combination of technical and mentoring sessions led by internationally known researchers. Technical sessions will include hot topics and future directions in several areas of databases and their significance to solving real world problems. Mentoring sessions will focus on motivating and preparing students to go to graduate school, excel in graduate school, and make a contribution to the research and development of database technology. All sessions will include a question and answer period.

Any student may come to the workshop, but we particularly invite women and underrepresented minority students.

If you are interested in attending DB Me, please fill out the information form so that we can tailor the workshop appropriately.

This is the second DBMe workshop; the first was held in conjunction with SIGMOD 2010.


Questions? E-mail us at db-me [at] cs.ubc.ca