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Fall 2003
  CPSC502 Artificial Intelligence
  CPSC504 Database Design
  CPSC508 Distributed System
  Course Project:
  TNT: A P2P File Transfer System
Spring 2004
  CPSC500 Algorithm Design and Analysis

CPSC533C Information Visualization

    Course Project:
  ClearEye: A Visualization Tool for Document Revision
    Project: Proposal | Report | Presentation
Fall 2004
  CPSC544 Humen Computer Interaction



Oct 24th, 2004 Student Volunteer @ OOPSLA 2004, Vancouver BC

Oct 10th, 2004 Attended InfoVis 2004, Austin TX

Apr 21st, 2004 - Course finished.

Apr 18th, 2004 - New homepage launched.


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