Registration Form

Family name:     First name:   
Title:           Organization: 
Address:         City:         
State:           Country:       
Zip Code:        Phone:        
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Registration Fees

 Regular: Before July 1st, 1995     $200
 Regular: After July 1st, 1995      $240
 Student: Before July 1st, 1995     $100
 Student: After July 1st, 1995      $120

Students should attach a letter from their supervisor or institution confirming their student status (an email message to from the supervisor is OK).

A Welcome dinner on Friday night is included in the registration fee. If you would like to bring a guest the cost is $45 per person. How many guests will you be bringing?


 American Express 
   Card Number:         
   Expiry Date:             
Warning: the net is not guaranteed to be secure. You can 
fax this form instead to David Poole at (604) 822-5485 
or use regular mail. You must bring your credit card to 
the conference if you are paying by credit card.
 Cheque to "Association to Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence". 
    The participant's name should be mentioned on the cheque.

Payment of the registration fee should be made in US Dollars.

We will put all information about the conference online, and cannot issue receipts for credit cards until the conference. Do you still need hard-copy confirmation of registration before the conference?

 No thanks, electronic only is OK.
 Yes please, I would like hard copy.

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