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Geeky Stuff

Artificial Intelligence & CS

Computational Intelligence: a logical approach.
Uncertainty in AI. conferences, BNrepository.
Reasoning about Actions. People and research groups interested in action.
Bayesians Worldwide. Researchers who classify themselves as followers of the Rev. Thomas Bayes.
JAIR. Journal of AI Research - online AI journal.
JMLR. Journal of Machine Learning Research.
AIJ Artificial Intelligence Journal
ETAI. Electronic Transactions on Artificial Intelligence.
The Computing Research Repository

AI on the web (from AIMA).
Machine Learning. David Aha's list of ML related links.
Online Machine Learning Resources. More ML links.
Logic Programming Comprehensive infomation including Prolog
intelligent software agents. Pointers to info on softbots, infobots, babybots, etc
AI faq. AI frequently asked questions.
Chance. probabilities in the news

CSCSI. Canadian AI Society.
Computer Science Bibliographies
AI in Canada.
Comp Sci Departments in Canada

Computer Stuff

Web: w3, amaya, hyperlatex, mozilla

Mac: mactex, Aquamacs Emacs, neooffice, openooffice

Gnu (Free software foundation).
CTAN (TeX/Latex).
GNU emacs for Windows. Ghostscript.
SWI Prolog, Mercury.

News and Weather

CBC News. ABC News. BBC News. PBS Newshour. Reuters. CNN.
Newspapers:Guardian Unlimited. Sydney Morning Herald. The Age (Melbourne). The Times (London). New York Times. Southam News (Canada). Globe and Mail (Toronto). The Australian.
Alternative: OneWorld Network. Greenpeace. Friends of the Earth (Canada). Oxfam (Canada). Planet Ark. Working for change.
Science: New Scientist. Science a GoGo. Science Magazine.
Weather: Canada,Vancouver

Reference: Internet Public Library.


Dr. Suess. Shockwave fun. Canadian Children's Book Centre.Children's Literature. Childen's literature

 DIG Internet Radio. World Radio Network. jjjMudcat Cafe. Celtic Music. Folk Roots. Roots World. Festival Distribution.

Movie LensIMDBRotten TomatoesMetacriticReelViewsVideomatica

Places of interest

Australia:. Guide to Australia. Lonely Planet. Australia Online.

Vancouver: Georgia Straight. Family fun.. Vancouver Magazine. MyBC. library. busses. ferries. camping.
Skiing: Cypress, Grouse, SeymourBig White, Whistler (resort), Mt. Washington.

Families and Children

Toy Testing. Canadian Parents. Parent's soup. Children's movies

Other Useful Pointers

What the CIA is saying about your country. Idealist.
Vote strategically
Some of my recipes.

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