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9 Assumables

Assumables exist as in Chapter 9 of Computational Intelligence. There are no integrity constraints that are handled specially. The interaction between assumables and negation as failure is unsatisfactory, in that ~g succeeds if there is provably no explanation of g.

To to make an atom assumable, you can issue the command: 

cilog: assumable atom.
When the atom is encountered, it is assumed to be true. The assumptions used to make a proof go though are collected and presented to the user when the answer is returned.
cilog: tell a(X) <- b(X) & c(X).
cilog: assumable c(X).
cilog: tell b(X) <- d(X) & e(X).
cilog: askable e(X).
cilog: tell d(a).
cilog: tell d(b).
cilog: tell d(c).
cilog: ask a(X).
Is e(a) true? [yes,no,unknown,why,help]: yes.
Answer: a(a).
Assuming: [c(a)].
  [more,ok,how,help]: more.
Is e(b) true? [yes,no,unknown,why,help]: no.
Is e(c) true? [yes,no,unknown,why,help]: yes.
Answer: a(c).
Assuming: [c(c)].
  [more,ok,how,help]: more.
No more answers.

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10 Negation-as-failureTop8 Built-in predicates9 Assumables