Computational Intelligence

A Logical Approach

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This file contains code from Poole, Mackworth and Goebel, Computational Intelligence: A Logical Approach. All code is copyright © Poole, Mackworth and Goebel, and Oxford University Press, 1997. All Rights reserved. This code comes with absolutely no warranty.

All of this code runs in standard Prolog, such as Sicstus Prolog, which is available on UBC machines as "sicstus" or SWI prolog, that is available for free for Unix and Windows systems.

Either save the code to a file and consult it into Prolog, or cut and paste it into a Prolog window after using '[user].'. See Section B.2 in Appendix B.

You can get the whole code distribution as code.tar.gz (a gzipped tar file).

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Chapter 3

The following code is not described in the text, but are exercises:

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Chapter 10

Code: Example Networks:

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Appendix B

Appendix C

The following code sometimes assumes we use the standard built-in for this book. There are all described in Appendix B.
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