2 Help and Exiting

The basic system prompt is:


This means that AILog is waiting for input from the user. All user inputs end with a period (".") and a return (enter).

At any stage you can ask for help by issuing a help command:

ailog: help.

This gives a brief description of the available commands.

To quit AILog, you can issue the command:

ailog: quit.

AILog is written in Prolog. To exit AILog to the underlying Prolog, you can use the command: .

ailog: prolog.

To restart AILog, you should use the command:

| ?- start.

at the prolog prompt. Note that this does not clear the knowledge base.

To turn on reporting the run time of queries, you can do

ailog: stats runtime.

On some systems, this is the elapsed time since the query was asked or the user asked for more answers, which may be a very inaccurate of run time if there was user interaction. To turn off reporting of run time, you can do:

ailog: stats none.