The idea of semantic science is to allow scientific data and scientific theories to be published in machine-understandable forms and for the data and the theories to interact in semantically meaningful ways. The idea is for computers to be able to understand scientific theoris and data.

This work is complementary to the Semantic Grid that is providing semantic infrastructure to scientists.

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Overview Papers

Here is a draft paper that tries to outline the view of machine-understandable science: There are other visions of the interaction between science and the semantic web that are complementary to the view advocated here:


Companies and Organizations

Scientific Ontologies

Here are some of the well-developed scientific ontologies:

Also relevant are upper-level ontologies including:

Scientific Data Repositories

Here are some of the scientific data repositories:

Published Scientific Theories

Currently there are no publicly-available scientific theories that adhere to a formal ontology and can make predictions based on data repositories. (As far as we know -- let us know if we are wrong).