Hello, I am Paul Bucci.
I'm part of the SPIN Research Group.
Here is my list of HCI-related courses at UBC.
In my spare time, I work with these funny people.
I did my first degree in visual arts here at UBC so I care a lot about where art and computer science intersect. As such I've prepared a suggested course list for artists interested in CS. If you're interested in making art with computers at UBC, give me a shout. I always want to know who's working in the field on campus.
You can find my flashy personal website here.
You can find a flashier personal website that is not mine here.
Here's a list of my favourite videos about making.
Here is a log of some of the papers I've read here.
Here is my free/busy calendar.
Most days, you can find me at Desk 6 in X508. Email me at pbucci@cs.ubc.ca.