Name Degree Years Thesis Position upon graduation
Sikander Randhawa UBC M.Sc. 2015-
Chris Liaw UBC Ph.D.-track M.Sc. 2015-
Keyulu Xu UBC USRA 2014-2015 PhD student in MIT EECS
Rebecca McKnight UBC M.Sc. 2014-2015 Low-stretch trees for network visualization Software engineer at (Vancouver)
Zachary Drudi UBC M.Sc. 2013-2014 A Streaming Algorithms Approach to Approximating Hit Rate Curves Software engineer at Coho Data (Vancouver)
Samira Samadi UBC M.Sc. 2012-2014 Near-optimal Herding Research assistant with Shai Ben-David at the University of Waterloo
Wai-Shing Isaac Fung Waterloo Ph.D. 2009-2011 Changed supervisor when I left Waterloo