CPSC 420: Advanced Algorithm Design and Analysis

2020-21 Winter Term 1

General Information

Lecture Time: Monday, Wednesday, Friday, 2:00pm-3:00pm

Lectures: Live video on Collaborate Ultra, accessed through Canvas. All lectures are recorded.
Prof. Nicholas Harvey, X851, nickhar@cs.ubc.ca

·       Office Hours: TBD


·       Emmanuel Sales

o   Office Hours: TBD

·       Arsh Jhaj,

o   Office Hours: TBD



Course lectures, exams, etc., will be provided on Canvas.



Piazza signup link: http://piazza.com/ubc.ca/winterterm12020/cpsc420

I will use Piazza for all announcements, and you should use it for your own questions and answers about course material. Posting questions to Piazza is a better choice than sending email to the instructor or TAs individually, since all of us are monitoring the group – plus, your classmates may have useful answers! You may choose whether to post questions and answers anonymously or using your own name. If you are asking a question that would reveal too much of a homework solution, then please make sure to post it as a private question so that your classmates cannot see it, only the instructors.