CPSC524 Computer Graphics: Modeling (Sep–Dec, 2007)

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This remesher implements most part of the algorithm described in [1]. The optimization step is a bit simplified in this implementation. All computations are done in image space. For image generation and processing the GD library [2] is used (already included in the download below). All images are saved in gif format. For dithering the control image, Floyd-Steinberg dithering algorithm [3] is implemented. After dithering, a constrained 2D Delaunay Triangulation is applied with the help of Shewchuk's Triangle [4].


The source code can be found here. It has been implemented as a module of Graphite [5]. GD and Shewchuk's Triangle are already incorporated in the module.

Instructions on installing/running the module can be found here.

Bug Fix

quick_start/commands/surface_quick_start_commands.cpp, on line 1153:
for (i=0; i<newFacets.size(); i++)
for (i=1; i<newFacets.size(); i++)
since newFacets[0] is an unreferenced pointer.

Thanks to Zhang Muyang, lab of CAD&CG, Zhejiang University, China, for fixing the bug.


[1] [pdf] Alliez, P., Meyer, M. and Desbrun, M., "Interactive geometry remeshing", International Conference on Computer Graphics and Interactive Techniques 2002, pp 347 - 354, 2002.

[2] GD Image Processing Library,


[4] Shewchuk's Triangle,

[5] Graphite.