CPSC 320 - Intermediate Algorithm Design and Analysis

In this course, you will learn about design and analysis of algorithms with applications in many areas of computer science, including sorting and searching, string processing and editing, cryptography, bio-informatics, scheduling, artificial intelligence, and networks. More importantly, you will learn to design your own algorithms for new problems.

Section Activity Days Start Time End Time Instructor
CPSC 320 921 Lecture Mon Wed Fri 13:00 15:00 Nando de Freitas
CPSC 320 T0A Tutorial Wed Fri 15:00 16:00 Jihong Ren
CPSC 320 T0B Tutorial Wed Fri 12:00 13:00 Jonathan Backer
CPSC 320 T0C Tutorial Wed Fri 11:00 12:00 James Cook
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