Mik Kersten
   ubc software practices lab
Mylar is an Eclipse plugin that makes working with very large projects as easy as it is to work with small projects. It does this by encoding your editing and navigation activity in a degree of interest model and only showing the elements that you are working on.  It also finds elements related to what you are working on by actively searching varying degrees of separation from your current task context. Right now best way to get an overview of Mylar is by looking at the EclipseCon presentation linked below.

Mailing list

We are inviting participants in a pre-release study of Mylar.  The study will involve using Mylar for your daily work, and periodically submitting anonymous usage statistics.  If you would like to be one of the first users of Mylar, please sign up for our announcement list.  The study is planned for the beginning of summer '05.  Your will not be required to participate if you submit your email, and your address will only be used for sending the release announcement.




Mylar is a project at the Software Practices Lab of the University of British Columbia in Vancouver, Canada.  The project is built on the open source Eclipse platform, and is been funded by the IBM Centre for Advanced Studies, NSERC, and UBC. 

1. Mylar is
a) An aluminized film used to avoid blindness when staring at a solar eclipse
b) A user interface and interaction ‘skin’ used to avoid information blindness when staring at Eclipse
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